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We're here to serve you with We are the leading source of Christmas plays and Christmas musicals and Easter plays and Easter musicals for all ages and denominations. In addition to our Christmas and Easter plays and our many Christmas pageants and Christmas liturgies, we have many all-season Christian plays and Christian dramas, church plays, children's Sunday school programs and liturgies, liturgical dance programs, drama ministry resources, church banner liturgies, Christian dinner theatre, youth ministry plays, youth ministry dramas, Christian drama books and much more!

Our one-stop drama playkits make our presentations affordable for any church budget.

You can view our entire line of products by selecting a category on the left, or use our Advanced Search feature to select the perfect play or musical for your group.

Our friendly customer service staff is available during our normal business hours if you wish to contact us for help with your selections or to assist you with your order. Let us know how we can serve you!

Featured Products


A dramatic Easter reading with audience participation

Easter … The Mystery and the Promise

An Easter sunrise service meditation

The Colors of Easter: A Children's Musical

A children's presentation in music and art

Symbols of the Cross

A sunrise service drama

He Is Risen

An Easter morning dramatization

The Room Upstairs

A "you are there" church supper Passover event

The Easter Tree

An Easter presentation for children

The Empty Tomb

A sunrise service of six stories

The Stones of Passion

A reading for a sunrise service

Were You There?

A dramatic program for Lent of Easter

A Banner Easter: The Musical

A musical version of the best-selling pageant

A Sunrise Pageant

An Easter morning program for children

The Glorious Rainbow of Easter

A children's Easter presentation

Props for Easter!

A children's presentation for Easter

The Rock

A dramatic reading for a sunrise service

'Twas the Time Before Easter: The Musical

A musical version of the best-selling play

Easter in Cricket County

A one-act Easter season comedy

The Room Upstairs

A "you are there" church supper Passover event


A Tenebrae service for Holy Week

A Cricket County City Easter

A comedy for the Easter season

The Colors of Easter

An Easter children’s program

Reflections by Candlelight

Readings for the Sundays of Lent and Easter

At the Cross

Biblical monologs with Lenten candles

'Twas the Time Before Easter

A pageant/story for children

The Stones of Passion

A reading for a sunrise service

Knowing Jesus

A youth sunrise service

The Room Upstairs

A "you are there" church supper Passover event

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