two Contemporary Drama Service catalog of children’s Christmas plays, children’s Christmas pageants, children’s Christmas scripts, children’s Christmas programs, children’s Christmas monologues
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Children's Christmas Plays
Contemporary Drama Service is the leading source for children's Christmas plays and children's Advent plays for churches and schools. Our children's Christmas pageants have been produced by thousands of churches nationally and internationally.
The ABC Nativity
By: Teisha Strelow
An artistic children's program for Christmas

Acting Out Christmas and Easter
By: Jean Stangl
Four pantomimed Bible stories

Advent Angels
By: William Dohle
A candlelighting collection for children

The Advent Tree
By: Jan Brown
A pre-Christmas children's program

The Baby King
By: Mary Joyce Love
A words and visualization participation program for children

The Best Christmas Present Ever
By: Rachel Olson
A pageant with parts for everyone

Bethlehem Barn
By: Barbara Heimburger
Animal adventures for Advent candlelighting

Birthday Party for Jesus
By: Mildred Barger
A children's Christmas pageant

Broadcasting Christmas
By: Marti Suddarth
A children's play for Christmas with audience participation

Building the Nativity
By: Gail Gaymer Martin
Mini-programs for Advent and Christmas

Candy Cane Christmas
By: Gail Gaymer Martin
A children's program

A Capital C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S
By: Gail Gaymer Martin
A Christmas program for children

The Children's Advent Banners
By: Theodore O. Zapel
Four banner liturgies to portray the main events of Advent

The Chosen Star
By: Wilma Atkinson
A Christmas play with many child roles

Christmas Around the World
By: Karyl Garner
A pageant that shows how Christmas is celebrated in other countries

Christmas Comes to Lickety-Split
By: Joy Cleveland
A Western for children and teens

Christmas in Bethlehem
By: Jane Boldenow
A pageant for children of all ages

Christmas in Hawaii
By: Jill Krupela
A children's program with a tropical twist

Christmas Letters
By: Gail Gaymer Martin
A children's Christmas program

Christmas Morning Live!
By: Nancy Moore
"Isaiah 'Twas Foretold It ..."

Christmas Returns
By: Scott Icenhower
A children’s Christmas comedy

Christmas Shopping with the Magi
By: Jacqueline Hurley
A children’s Christmas program

Christmas Spirit? Let's Hear It!
By: Tilda Balsley
A children's pageant in rhyme

Christmas: FAQ
By: Patricia Caley
A question-and-answer play for children

The Clowns' Christmas Party
By: James Brock
A clown play for child audiences

Creature's Christmas
By: Nancy Amondson
A children's Christmas fantasy

Do You Hear What I Hear?
By: Leone Castell Anderson
A children's program in sound and song

Forever and Ever
By: Margaret Smith
A traditional pageant with a twist

Getting Ready for Christmas
By: Paul Neale Lessard
Four contemporary sketches for the Advent Wreath

Holy Holly Christmas
By: Gail Gaymer Martin
A children's program

Jesse, the Little Shepherd
By: Mary Lee Stevens
A short participation Christmas play for children

The King and the Maiden
By: Linda Buff
A Christmas play based on the parable by Søren Kiekegaard with carols, a Nativity scene and Scripture.

Letters from Santa
By: Gail Gaymer Martin
A children's program about the truth of Christmas

The Light of Advent
By: Jane Boldenow
A candlelighting series for the children's choir

Listen to Christmas
By: Judy Gattis Smith
A creative approach to help children experience the spirit of Christmas

The Little Shepherd
By: Rachel Olson
A Sunday school pageant for Christmas

The Little Star: A Christmas Fantasy (Pageant)
By: Georgene C. Meddows
A children's choir pageant with many parts

The Little Stars of Bethlehem
By: Janet Meili
A visual extravaganza for child performers

A Living Advent Calendar
By: Judy Gattis Smith
A children's Christmas season program

The Most Wonderful Birthday of All
By: Janet Meili and Arthur Zapel Music by Bill Andrews
A children's liturgical Christmas pageant

The Nativity -- Live!
By: Juanita Bundt and Dianne Bundt
A one-act play for children and teens

The Night the Animals Sang
By: Katherine Babb
A children's Christmas play with singing and pantomime

Old-Fashioned Christmas
By: Gail Gaymer Martin
A program of crafts and carols

Ornaments Alive!
By: Scott Icenhower
An exploration of Christmas customs for children

A Pageant of Love
By: Arthur Zapel
A Christmas/breakfast program with parts for young children

Puppets Celebrate the Holidays
By: Jane Busey and Kathy Humphrey
A collection of joyful puppet plays celebrating the six most popular holidays of the year

The Road to Christmas
By: Mary Ann Smith
A Christmas program for children

Santa Gives Back Christmas
By: John V. Bartocci
A lighthearted comedy for children

Show and Tell Christmas
By: Mary Ann Smith
A children's program with props

Sleepover at the Stable
By: Douglas J. Eboch
A children's Christmas fantasy

Sleepover at the Stable: A Christmas Musical
Music and lyrics by Christy Long By: Douglas J. Eboch
A musical version of the best-selling play

Sweetheart's Manger
By: Nina Welding
A Christmas playlet for children

Through the Eyes of a Child
By: Christine Ferguson
A Christmas PowerPoint presentation

A Traditional Christmas Pageant
By: Nancy Seale
A Scripture-based program with carols

'Twas the Night Before: A Christmas Pageant
By: Rachel Olson
A pageant/story for many children

The Twelve Days of Christmas
By: Gail Gaymer Martin
A children's program inspired by the popular song

Twinkle, The Christmas Star
By: Mary Brendan Conlon
A fantasy tableau for children

The Unwrapped Gift
By: Greg Moore
A Christmas pageant in rap and rhyme

We Three Kings
By: Robert A. Allen
A Christmas play with lines for many children

The Wisdom of the Pine
By: Les McClain
A one-act Christmas legend for children

With Every Christmas Card I Make

A program for every member of Sunday school

A World of Christmas Customs
By: Gail Gaymer Martin
A children's program with a global perspective

You Can't Cancel Christmas!
By: Andrea N. Burton

A children's comedy for Christmas