two Contemporary Drama Service catalog of Easter plays, Lent plays, Easter skits, programs and scripts
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Easter Plays & Lent Plays
Contemporary Drama Service is the leading source for Easter plays, Easter Dramas, Lent plays, Easter pageants, Lenten season plays and programs, Easter Sunrise and Tenebrae Services and programs for churches of all sizes and denominations. Our Easter pageants are suitable for performers of all ages with a variety of cast sizes.
The ABCs of Easter
By: Sharon A. Kirby-Cole
An artistic children's program

All on an Easter Evening
By: John B. Wintermute

Am I Guilty?
By: Audrey Surma
A seven-part Lenten candle-extinguishing series

The Animals Celebrate Easter
By: William C. Hassel

Ash Wednesday - The Day of Atonement
By: June M. Todd
A dramatized worship service serving as the gateway to Lent

At the Cross
By: Bradley N. Hill
Biblical monologs with Lenten candles

The Awful Silence of God
By: Donald M. Stewart
A two-person play for Maundy Thursday or Good Friday

The Burden
By: Greg Sullivan
A Lenten drama based on 1 Peter 5:7.

Capernaum P.D.
By: Daniel Wray
A dinner theatre spoof of "Dragnet"

The Case of the Conspicuous Cross
By: Keith Ellerbrock
A Lenten play for youth

The Case of the Empty Tomb
By: Kent Syverson
A one-act play for Easter or Ascension Sunday

"Christ, the Light of the World" Banner

Theme: Tenebrae

By: Teryl Cartwright
A short play for Holy Week

Conspiracy of Betrayal
By: Dixie Manning
A courtroom drama featuring Satan vs. Judas

A Cricket County City Easter
By: Eddie McPherson
A comedy for the Easter season

Cries of Faith
By: Jeffrey B. Snyder and James A. Killian
Short monologs for Lent and Easter

Crown of Thorns
By: James A. Killian

The Decision
By: Winona Poole
A play for Holy Week

By: Eddie McPherson
A one-act play for Holy Week.

Denied, Betrayed
By: Angela Joyce
A dramatic reading for Holy Week

Easter and After
By: Virlynn Rex
A serial continuation of the Easter message

Easter at the Museum
By: Debi Olsthoorn
Classic Easter paintings come to life

An Easter Carol
By: Kenneth Onstot
An Easter version of the Dickens' classic

Easter in Cricket County
By: Eddie McPherson
A one-act Easter season comedy

Easter Q & A
By: Michael R. Buckles
An interactive Easter experience

The Easter Story
By: Peggy Haslar

Easter … The Mystery and the Promise
By: Jani Barbati
An Easter sunrise service meditation

Eight Days in Jerusalem
By: Karla & Mark Jensen
Readings for Lent

The Empty Tomb
By: Carol Secord
A sunrise service of six stories

Encounters Before the Dawn
By: Keith Madsen
A series of six Lenten dramas

Five Women, Beautiful Within
By: Janet Litherland
Five biblical monologs for women

Friday … Good Friday … Friday Night
By: Carl W. Simpson
A reader's service for Tenebrae

From Bethlehem to Calvary
By: Carol Feickert
A Tenebrae presentation for Maundy Thursday

From Garden to Tomb
By: George Halitzka
An interactive "stations of the cross" experience

The Games People Play
By: Mary Ann Smith
A series for Lent

Glimpses - Then and Now
By: Patricia Kent
A Lenten series with candles

Good Friday Grace
By: Teryl Cartwright
Monologs from the Crucifixion

Great Expectations
By: Karla & Mark Jensen
A five-part Lenten journey

The Great Fifty Days Banner
By: David H. Zuber
A visual portrayal of the events from Easter to Pentecost

The Greatest of Servants
By: Brenda Troyer
A Maundy Thursday hand-washing service

Have You Heard?
By: Debora Fedeler
A Holy Week program for children

Have You Seen My Son?
By: Jon McCauley Smith
A poignant portrayal of mother's love for Holy Week

He Came on a Donkey
By: John W. Mingus, Sr.
A trilogy for Palm Sunday

He Is Coming
By: June M. Todd
A complete Palm Sunday worship service

He Is Not Here! He Is Risen!
By: John B. Wintermute
A one-act play for a sunrise service

He Is Risen
By: June M. Todd
An Easter morning dramatization

He Lived, He Lives, I Live
By: Blake Moore
An Easter sunrise program

Honey, I'm Home!
By: Mark Wyatt
A tale of two resurrections

The "Hosanna" Banner

Theme: Triumphal entry into Jerusalem

The I Ams of Jesus
By: Gail Gaymer Martin
A series of contemporary dialogs for Lent and Easter

I Pray ... I Ponder
By: Linda Goens
Lenten monologs from Mary's heart, plus a Tenebrae service

I Saw Him
By: Emily Pardue
Inanimate objects tell the Easter story

I Will Sing of My Redeemer
By: Susan Lyttek
Short monologs inspired by Lent and Easter hymns

I Wonder Why?
By: Mary Sue Rosenberger
An Ash Wednesday meditation with music

In a Weeks Time
By: Marilyn D. Bacon
Snapshots of Holy Week

In Remembrance of Me
By: Carol Feickert
A script for Maundy Thursday

In the Shadow of the Cross
By: Galen L. Schwarz
A collection of readings for Easter

Interview with a Stone
By: Kenneth Onstot
"The very stones would cry out ... "

Into Your Hands I Commend My Spirit
By: Jon McCauley Smith
A Tenebrae service for Maundy Thursday

Is It I, Lord?
By: William D. Webber
Five disciples recreate events of the Last Supper

Jerusalem P.D.
By: Daniel Wray
An Easter season dinner theatre spoof of the TV show Dragnet

Jerusalem Speaks
By: Rochelle Pennington
Voices in the shadow of the cross

Jesus Was, Jesus Is
By: Charlotte Heeg
An Easter play on the nature of Christ

Knowing Jesus
By: Beth Troop
A youth sunrise service

The Last Supper
By: Pat Underwood
A spontaneous audience participation drama for Maundy Thursday

The Last Words
By: Ronald D. Vaughan
A Tenebrae drama based on the seven last words from the cross

The Lenten Banner
By: Gary Shiplett
A visual portrayal of the last days of the life of Jesus

The Lenten Candles
By: Paul Dyck
A series of Lenten calls to worship

The Lenten Cross Banner
By: Paul Waters
A Lenten banner celebrating the symbol of the Cross

A Lenten Journey

A collection of short scripts for Lent

Living the Last Supper
By: Teryl Cartwright
A Maundy Thursday pairing of drama and art

Living Water
By: Cheri Mueller
An Easter vigil

The Longest Night
By: Audrey Surma
A small-cast play for Maundy Thursday

The Lord's Table
By: Kevin Stoltz
A congregational response to the Crucifixion

The Love Attitudes
By: Susan Pargman
Contemporary skits for each Sunday of Lent

By: Janet Litherland
A Tenebrae service for Holy Week

Mary Magdalene's Good News
By: E. Nelson James
A sunrise service drama with a mostly women cast

The Mary Monologues
By: Lynne K. Jessup
Four monologues for Easter

The Masters
By: Karla & Mark Jensen
A Lenten collection about the artisans of 33 A.D.

Meditation on the Cross
By: Edgar A. Cook
A dance-drama Good Friday liturgy

Meet the Best
By: Jacqueline Sharer Robertson
A Lenten drama series

Meet the Disciples
By: Carol Hegberg
Twelve men portray the disciples for children

Memories of the Resurrection
By: Michael O. Colvin
A sunrise service monolog program

The Message of the Cross
By: Wallace N. Davis
A children's Readers Theatre presentation

Mountaintop Experiences
By: Elizabeth Ann Jaeger
A lenten series

The Ordinary Made Extraordinary
By: Beth Troop
A sunrise service in readings and pantomime

Ordinary Sinners
By: Louise Munro Foley
Modern-day characters share mini-monologs on the way things are while standing by a rough-hewn cross.

The Other Carpenter
By: John F. Wells
A one-act play for Lent or Easter

The Other Wise Man
By: Henry Van Dyke Adapted By Virginia Egermeier
A Lenten drama about one of the Magi

A Pageant of Victory
By: Arthur Zapel
An Easter morning breakfast program

Passion Parallel
By: Mary Ann Smith
A colophonic Tenebrae service.

Piecing It All Together
By: Beth Troop
A youth sunrise service

The Place of the Skull
By: Jeff Dyer
A small-cast Easter play

Poems of the Passion
By: Sean Slagle
Readings for Lent or Easter

The Power of His Last Words
By: Susan Pargman
A Lenten monolog series on the seven last words of Christ

Prayers of the Passion
By: Mark Buchan
Six Lenten scenes

Puppet Plays for Holidays
By: Sam Gover
A through-the-year collection of humorous puppet scripts

A Rainbow of Promise
By: Lawrence H. Balleine
An Easter sunrise service dramatic program

Reflections by Candlelight
By: Henry Paetkau
Readings for the Sundays of Lent and Easter

The "Remember the Reason" Banner
By: Phyllis Wezeman and Anna Leichty
A banner with readings about the church year for children

By: Kay W. Camenisch
A dramatic Easter reading with audience participation

The Rock
By: Mark Jacobs
A dramatic reading for a sunrise service

The Room Upstairs
By: John W. Carter
A "you are there" church supper Passover event

Scenes of the Passion
By: Florence Schloneger
An in-depth "tour of Jerusalem" witnessing the events leading to the Crucifixion

By: Phyllis E. Price
The customary Jewish Passover meal with Christian parallels

Seek and You Will Find
By: Linda R. Tippett
A six-week series of Lenten legacies

A Service of Shadows
By: Norman H. Wiegel
A Tenebrae service for Maundy Thursday

Sightless Vision
By: Elisabeth A. Marlowe
A one-act play for lent

Signs of Our Times
By: Mary Ann Smith
A Lenten series

Six Lives - Six Stories
By: Michael W. Massa
Six dramatic monolog sermons

Slaves Set Free
By: Sheri Lynn Essian
A monologue program featuring slaves of Jerusalem

The Sobbing Stone
By: Dick Charlton

Sounds of Guilt and Glory
By: Calvin Sayles
A Holy Week monologue program

Sphere of Influence
By: Karla & Mark Jensen
A Lenten drama series

The Stones of Passion
By: Ron Motley
A reading for a sunrise service

Sun Day
By: Lawrence H. Balleine
A sunrise service with dialogue, monologues and poetry

Surely Not I, Lord
By: Elizabeth Elgert
Modern-day disciples struggle with betrayal

Symbols of the Cross
By: Beth Troop
A sunrise service drama

Take This Cup from Me

A service of remembrance for Holy Week

This Cup
By: Karen Ferrell
A Lenten series on Jesus' final hours

This Do In Remembrance of Me
By: Carol E. Dulmes
A dramatization for Maundy Thursday

By: Jeffrey B. Snyder
A play for Holy Week

Trail's End
By: Scott Herren
A Western-themed Maundy Thursday play.

The Trials of Jess Goodnuff
By: David Leitzel , Marc Hamman and Jeff Keegan
A contemporary Lenten play about Christ's sacrifice

By: Renae Meredith
A Tenebrae service with three voices

Twelve Ask: "Is It I, Lord?"
By: Jean Vaughn
A Lenten monolog collection

The Upper Room
By: Gary Shiplett
A re-enactment of the Lord's Supper

The Verdict
By: Peter C. Nichols
Our most popular Easter play

A Vigil of Remembrance
By: Mary Lu Warstler
A Tenebrae service for Maundy Thursday

Virgil's First Easter
By: Eddie McPherson
A dinner theatre comedy for the Lenten season by the author of the Cricket County plays

The Voices of Lent
By: Jeri Shumate
Biblical monologs for use with a wreath of thorns

We, the Witnesses
By: Wayne Fowler
A sunrise service by those who were there

Were You There?
By: Gary Shank
A dramatic program for Lent of Easter

What Changed?
By: Susan Lynn Gleason
A Holy Week readers presentation

What Really Happened the Night He Was Betrayed?
By: Stephen C. Lovelady
A Last Supper drama for Maundy Thursday

When They Crucified My Lord
By: Myra Shofner
A Tenebrae service of monologs

Who Are We on Palm Sunday?
By: Kay Bascom
A mini-drama about those who saw the Triumphal Entry

Whose Cross Is It, Anyway?
By: Karla & Mark Jensen
A series of Lenten sketches

Whose Crown Is It, Anyway?
By: Karla & Mark Jensen
Weekly sketches for Lent

Whose Cup Is It, Anyway?
By: Karla & Mark Jensen
“Father, take this cup from me …”

Will You Wait with Me?
By: Molly M. Garnett
Modern-day and biblical women keep vigil with Mary

Wowed by the Cloud
By: Susan Sundwall

A children's program for Easter