two Contemporary Drama Service catalog of Christmas plays, Christmas pageants, Christmas monologues, Advent plays, holiday plays, and Christmas musicals
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Christmas Plays, Advent Plays
Contemporary Drama Service offers an extensive selection of Christmas plays and Advent plays for churches of all sizes and denominations. These Christmas pageants are suitable for performers of all ages with a variety of cast sizes. Our Christmas dramas will deliver the message of Christmas to your church for this very special time of year! Contemporary Drama Service offers over 97 Christmas plays.
Advent Attitudes
By: M. K. Boyle
Sketches for Advent wreath candlelighting

The Advent Banner
Symbols By Gordon C. Bennett and Ruth P. Bennett Liturgy By Sharonn Davis Halderman
A visual portrayal and liturgy for Advent

Advent Candlelighting
By: Susan Pargman
Four skits involving worshippers of all ages

Advent for All Ages
By: Robert A. Allen
A collection of candlelighting sketches

Advent Now and Then
By: Linda Allen
A candle-lighting collection

Advent Out Loud
By: Linda Allen
A series for candlelighting

By: Loretta Ross-Gotta
A reader’s drama for Advent

All Roads Lead to the Stable
By: Carl Kelly
A set of Advent monologs

An American Christmas
By: Christine Ferguson
A Christmas PowerPoint Program

The Angels Speak
By: Galen R. Hackman
A collection of readings for the Advent wreath

Are You Coming?
By: Phil Gilbreath and Steve Markovich
A contemporary play for the Christmas season

Away from the Manger
By: Elizabeth M. Topp
A play with a tongue-in-cheek look at those who missed the Nativity

The Bethlehem Experience

In-church tours of the Bethlehem marketplace on the night of Jesus' birth

Bethlehem P.D.
By: Daniel Wray
A Christmas spoof of the TV show Dragnet

Bethlehem Speaks
By: Rochelle Pennington
A Christmas season service of six stories

Birthday Party for Jesus
By: Mildred Barger
A children's Christmas pageant

Breakfast in Bethlehem
By: Sandra L. Mack and Alene H. Betts
A community outreach program

The Bus Stop
By: Shari Albitz
Weekly sketches for Advent candlelighting and beyond

Caroling, Caroling
By: Susan Lyttek
A collection of monologs inspired by Christmas carols

The Case of the Missing Meaning
By: Ben Fry
A hilarious detective spoof for Christmas

The Characters of Christmas
By: Lois Sink
A monolog program about Christ's birth

The Christmas Angel
By: Henry Van Dyke Adapted By Arthur Zapel
A reading on the meaning of Christmas

Christmas at the Cricket County Café
By: Eddie McPherson
A one-act hillbilly comedy with heart

Christmas Carols Come Alive
By: Louis Merryman
How four familiar carols came to be

Christmas Comes But Once a Year
By: Melvin R. White
A Readers Theatre variety presentation for Christmas

Christmas Comes to Lickety-Split
By: Joy Cleveland
A Western for children and teens

A Christmas Down Under
By: Andrew Hansen and Jennifer Hansen
A comedy for Christmas

Christmas in Cricket County
By: Eddie McPherson
A one-act Christmas comedy

Christmas in Hawaii
By: Jill Krupela
A children's program with a tropical twist

Christmas in July
By: Mary Lou Williams
A holiday program for summer

Christmas Leaves Cricket County
By: Eddie McPherson
The big city beckons to the country cousins

Christmas Night Live
By: Kimberlee R. Mendoza
A sketch comedy variety show

Christmas on Trial
By: Greg Thomas
A mock trial with audience participation

Christmas Rapping
By: Walter K. Davis
A teenage "rap pageant" for Christmas

Christmas Returns
By: Scott Icenhower
A children’s Christmas comedy

Christmas Shopping with the Magi
By: Jacqueline Hurley
A children’s Christmas program

The Christmas Story
By: Pauline E. Spray
As told in Scripture, pantomime and song

By: Linda Allen
A Christmas play of "what ifs"

The Clowns' Christmas Party
By: James Brock
A clown play for child audiences

Clueless at Christmas
By: Stefanie Noonan
A comedy/mystery for Christmas

Come and Adore Him
By: Gary Shank
A program with audience participation

Come to Bethlehem and See
By: Ronald D. Vaughan
A service of Advent/Christmas worship with audience participation

Come to the Stable
By: Micky Wolf
A one-act play for Christmas

A Committee of Angels
By: Verlynn Kneifl and Laurie Larsen
A large-cast children’s Christmas play.

A Cricket County Blizzard
By: Eddie McPherson
A winter wonderland winds up wacky

A Cricket County Christmas Carol
By: Eddie McPherson
A country take on Dickens' classic story

Cricket County Christmas Charity
By: Eddie McPherson
A comedy about giving and receiving

A Cricket County Christmas Cruise
By: Eddie McPherson
A one-act nautical comedy

A Cricket County Christmas Wedding
By: Eddie McPherson
Hillbilly matrimony meets Merry Christmas

A Cricket County City Christmas
By: Eddie McPherson
A one-act comedy for Christmas

A Cricket County Colorado Christmas
By: Eddie McPherson
A country Christmas comedy

A Cricket County Old Folks' Christmas
By: Eddie McPherson
A comedy for Christmas

Deck the Halls
By: Gail Gaymer Martin
Advent "hanging of the greens" celebration

Don't Let the Grouches Steal Your Christmas
By: Christine Ferguson
An Advent comedy on holiday stress

Downloading Christmas
By: Janis E. Saarela
A humorous virtual journey to Bethlehem and back

The Epiphany Banner
By: Arthur Zapel and Michelle Zapel

Faces Around the Manger
By: Kenneth E. Nolin
A "live Nativity"/candlelight presentation for Christmas Eve

Festival of Carols and Candles
By: Susan Pargman
A service for the Sunday evening before Christmas

Forever and Ever
By: Margaret Smith
A traditional pageant with a twist

The Gift of a Son
By: Marlin E. Thomas
An audience participation Christmas dinner pageant

Glowing with Advent
By: Gail Gaymer Martin
Four characterizations for Advent candlelighting

Gold, Frankincense, Myrrh and a Ducky
By: Robert Reister
A comedy retelling of the maji’s visit.

Good Tidings Times Three
By: Casey Smith and Sharon Smith
An angelic comedy for Christmas

The Greatest Joy
By: Sylvia Washer
A Christmas Eve drama with candlelighting and Communion

The Hanging of the Greens
By: James C. Huffstutler
A program for decorating the sanctuary

Have You Heard the Latest?
By: Peggy A. Ford
A christmas play with an all-female cast

Hope, Peace, Joy, Love - Advent!
By: Firley Pickens
An Advent collection

How Far Is It to Bethlehem?
By: Mary Lou Williams
An audience participation drama for Christmas

By: Daniel Wray
A Christmas Carol for today

I Wait … I Wonder
By: Lia M. Goens
Advent monologs from Mary's heart, plus a Christmas Eve service

If I Were the Innkeeper
By: Chestley L. Duft
An Advent program in five parts

In Bethlehem Inn
By: John W. Carter
A "you are there" church supper Nativity play

The Inn Crowd
By: Jeff Dyer
A Christmas comedy about a complex check-in

Isn't This What Christmas Is All About?
By: Bernard Dougherty
A traditional Christmas program for many participants

It's a Cool Life
By: Pat Hines
A Christmas dinner theatre

Jesus Is the Reason for the Season
By: Stephen De Cesare
A choral tableau to celebrate Christmas

Journey to Bethlehem
By: Carole I. Adams
A carol and candlelight service

The "Joy to the World" Banner

Theme: Joy the to world, the Lord is come!

The Light of Advent
By: Jane Boldenow
A candlelighting series for the children's choir

The Littlest Angel
Adapted By Sharon A. Kirby-Cole
A dramatic version of Charles Tazewell's beloved Christmas story

Madrigal Mockery
By: Janet Litherland
A complete dinner program for the holiday season

A Most Unlikely Angel
By: James Brock
A most charming, whimsical play centered around a young angel who just doesn't seem to be able to follow the rules in heaven

The Mountain
By: M. K. Boyle
A series for Advent candlelighting.

Nativity Idol
By: Cathy Graham
A Christmas comedy parody for youth groups

Now and Then It's Christmas
By: Wynne DeWyn
Contemporary and traditional "duets" linking Christmas past and present

Old-Fashioned Christmas
By: Gail Gaymer Martin
A program of crafts and carols

One Clear Star
By: Dick Charlton

Operation Christ Child
By: Daniel Wray
A Christmas comedy for youth groups

Our Family Memories of Christmas
By: Peter Williamson
A participation program for children and senior citizens

Our Gifts to Jesus
By: Dawn E. Conroy
A Christmas Eve program of appreciation

A Pageant of Love
By: Arthur Zapel
A Christmas/breakfast program with parts for young children

A Primetime Christmas
By: Sean Slagle
A Christmas collection of TV comedies and commercials

Puppet Plays for Holidays
By: Sam Gover
A through-the-year collection of humorous puppet scripts

By: Margaret W. Aron
Five portrayals for the Advent wreath

The "Remember the Reason" Banner
By: Phyllis Wezeman and Anna Leichty
A banner with readings about the church year for children

Return of the Magi
By: L. Elmo Snedaker
A post-Christmas surprise visit by the wise men

Return to Cricket County
By: Eddie McPherson
A homespun comedy for Christmas

Scrooge and the Three Wise Guys
By: Jonathan Deibler
A small-cast Christmas comedy

Scrooge Revisited
By: Daniel Wray
A Dickens of a sequel

The Seasons of Advent
By: Lisa Johnson
A through-the-year candle-lighting collection

The Shepherds' Stories
By: Matthew Colwell
A three-part miniseries for Christmas featuring shepherds of Bethlehem from the first Christmas to today.

A Simply Abundant Christmas
By: Linda Allen
A comedy on pre-Christmas stress

So Little They Knew
By: Marion Fairman
A woman's program of five monologs for the Advent Season

By: William C. Dixon
"For unto us a child is born ... "

The Story of Silent Night
By: Michael C. Vigilant
A small-cast play with music

The Sundays of Advent
By: Susan Pargman
Contemporary skits for each Sunday of Advent

Three Women of Bethlehem
By: Martha Sliter Sheeran
A reading for an Advent service

Through the Eyes of a Child
By: Christine Ferguson
A Christmas PowerPoint presentation

The Unexpected Guest
By: Candyce A. Petersen
Advent comedy on pre-Christmas stress

The Unwrapped Gift
By: Greg Moore
A Christmas pageant in rap and rhyme

Virgil's First Christmas
By: Eddie McPherson
A hillbilly Christmas comedy

The Voices of Advent
By: Jeri Shumate
Advent candlelighting biblical monologs

Voices of Bethlehem
By: Mary Lou Williams
A spontaneous audience participation drama for Christmas

Voices of Christmas
By: John W. Carter
Five monologs for Advent and Christmas

Waiting for the Christmas Guest
By: Janet Meili
A dramatic adaptation of the poem "How the Great Guest Came" by Edwin Markham

WCAL Radio Presents "A Down-Home Christmas"
By: Pat Hines
A Christmas season talent/dinner show

A Weird Angel in Our Midst
By: Pamela Diane Gibson
Six delightful, short novelty plays for use as children's sermons

Welcome, Emmanuel
By: Winona Poole
A collection for Advent

What the Mice Knew
By: Kathleen B. Hindman
A costumed Christmas play with songs

Where Love Is, There Is God
By: Dolores Jaehrling
A classic play from Christmas literature

Where the Heart Is
By: Michael & Cynthia Marion
An advent musical about the homeless

While Cowboys Watched Their Herds by Night
By: Daniel Wray
A cowboy Christmas comedy

Why the Chimes Rang
By: Walter S. Horsley
A dramatization with narration and music adapted from "Why the Chimes Rang" by Raymond MacDonald Alden

Wingin' It
By: Faye Speiker
An interactive family evening of drama and games

Would You Believe ... A Stable
By: Linda Thomas
A look at the King's unroyal birthplace

You Can't Cancel Christmas!
By: Andrea N. Burton

A children's comedy for Christmas