two Tenebrae Plays and Services from Contemporary Drama Service
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Tenebrae Plays and Services
Contemporary Drama Service is the leading source for Tenebrae plays and Tenebrae services for churches of all sizes and denominations. These Tenebrae programs are perfect for Maundy Thursday and Holy Week. Our Tenebrae plays and Tenebrae services are suitable for performers of all ages with a variety of cast sizes.
Friday … Good Friday … Friday Night
By: Carl W. Simpson
A reader's service for Tenebrae

From Bethlehem to Calvary
By: Carol Feickert
A Tenebrae presentation for Maundy Thursday

I Pray ... I Ponder
By: Linda Goens
Lenten monologs from Mary's heart, plus a Tenebrae service

Into Your Hands I Commend My Spirit
By: Jon McCauley Smith
A Tenebrae service for Maundy Thursday

The Last Words
By: Ronald D. Vaughan
A Tenebrae drama based on the seven last words from the cross

By: Janet Litherland
A Tenebrae service for Holy Week

Passion Parallel
By: Mary Ann Smith
A colophonic Tenebrae service.

A Service of Shadows
By: Norman H. Wiegel
A Tenebrae service for Maundy Thursday

By: Renae Meredith
A Tenebrae service with three voices

A Vigil of Remembrance
By: Mary Lu Warstler
A Tenebrae service for Maundy Thursday

When They Crucified My Lord
By: Myra Shofner

A Tenebrae service of monologs